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Click here to download a copy of our Holiday 2012 Take-out Menu

From our famous guacamole and salsa to ricotta blintzes and cold strawberry soup to peach-blueberry pie and macadamia-crusted brook trout, from box lunches for a meeting to complete meals-to-go for the holiday crowd AND that perfect dessert, you can order it from Roller’s Market.


72 hours notice, PLEASE!
Absolutely no substitutions.  Thanks.

Brunch for 8 to-go
All menus include turkey sausages, vegetable slaw, cinnamon buttermilk coffeecake, 1/2# LaColombe coffee AND fruit crisp.
Blintzes    $135
Mixed fruit bowl
Ricotta blintzes with pear sauce, sour cream and strawberries
Quiche    $135
Mixed fruit bowl
Quiche lorraine with bacon, onions & Gruyère OR spinach quiche with mushrooms, roasted peppers and Fontina
Ravioli    $135
Mixed greens salad with roasted peppers, pinenuts and shaved parmesan
Pumpkin ravioli with sage, prosciutto and cream

And Highlights from our take-out list...
The Best guacamole   12.75 pt
Phyllo strudel with crabmeat, brie and herbs  14.00 log
Chicken breast milanese with Vidalia
onion-tomato-caper compote 11.75 lb
Grandma's beef brisket with carrots, onions and gravy. 15.75lb
Chicken pot pies  7.75 ea


Call 215 247-7715 or 215 247-0707

Box Lunches

Sandwich Box - $12.75
Choice of Black Forest ham, roast turkey or roast beef sandwich on LeBus bread, grilled vegetable salad, piece of fruit and giant cookie.

Chicken Salad Box - $14.75
Chicken and grape salad on bed of greens, roll & butter, piece of cheese, fruit and lemon square OR cream cheese brownie.

Flank Steak Box - $14.75
Grilled marinated flank steak, horseradish sauce, grilled vegetable salad, roll & butter, Dijon potato salad and a giant cookie.

Chicken Milanese Box - $14.75
Chicken cutlet milanese, vegetable slaw, Dijon potato salad, roll & butter, fruit and a lemon square OR cream cheese brownie

Italian Box - $12.75
Grilled vegetable salad, pizza rustica (pissaladiere), Fontina cheese, piece of fruit and almond-anise biscotti

* ALSO... special occasion boxes with poached salmon filet, seafood salad or charcuterie.

* 72 hours notice, please and a minimum of 4 of one kind.   For large orders, several days notice is helpful.

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